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    上海交通大學給全體同學的一封信(The University's Letter to All the Students)

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    The University's Letter to All the Students

    Dear students, 

    Under the able leadership of the central and Shanghai municipal government, the university is doing its utmost to help the students deal with the recent outbreak of the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus. Given the current situation, the university has decided to postpone the spring semester to later than the end of February. For the time being, we would like to advise the following for your consideration.

    1. Stay inside and avoid crowds. Take precautions in line with government protocols and guidelines and regulations. Pay special attention to personal hygiene and provide necessary personal and travel information in a timely fashion as required by the local government.

    2. Do not return to campus until further notice. Teaching in the spring semester is likely to be conducted online. Distance education method will enable you to keep on learning without having to be present in the classroom.

    3. The university academics department and graduate school is working closely with each school/department for detailed online teaching plans. Please keep a watchful eye on all notices and stay in touch with your class teacher or mentor. Graduate students are advised to work with their tutors on thesis through online distance guidance.

    4. Fourth-year undergraduates will be informed of capstone project requirements by their tutors. For graduate students who are scheduled to leave in March, the university will make necessary adjustments so that qualified students will be able to graduate on schedule. Oral defense will be done through teleconference and students involved can make preparations accordingly during the winter break.

    Dear students, we are confident that we will be able to win the fight against the epidemic under the able leadership of the central government with President Xi Jinping at its core. If winter comes, will spring be far behind? We are hopeful that you will make full use of your time at SJTU and live up to your duties and responsibilities for we believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.



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